Solid Principles Podcast: Episode 33


United States Plus One – The Prospect of Puerto Rico as the 51st State: When HR.2499, the Puerto Rico Democracy Act of 2010 passed the House 223 - 169, it barely gathered a whimper of press.

The prospect of America gaining a new state would normally be newsworthy, yet H.R.2499 missed out. Meanwhile, decade old perceptions of Democratic gerrymandering, and opinions based on the 93 and 98 failed plebiscites re-surfaced.

This 78 Minute Audio Documentary speaks with the participants themselves, and looks into the decade long debate over Puerto Rican Statehood. 

Participants Interviewed

 Luis Fortuno:  Governor of Puerto Rico

Kenneth McClintock: Sec of State for Puerto Rico

Luis Gutierrez: U.S Congressman for Illinois.

Héctor J. Ferrer Ríos : President of the Popular Democratic Party  (Opposition leader of Puerto Rico)

Jeffrey L. Farrow:  White House advsior to Pres. Clinton on Puerto Rico.

Pedro Pierluisi: Resident Commissioner of Puerto Rico / Sole non-voting Congressman of Puerto Rico

Luis Davila Colon: Puerto Rican Author/Columist, Laywer, Radio/Television Presenter, Political Expert.

The Hon. Dr. Hernan Padilla: Co-founder of The U.S. Council for Puerto Rico Statehood, former Mayor of San Juan, and Alternate Representative of the U.S. Mission to the United Nations for Puerto Rico.

Don Soifer: Lexington Foundation

Brian Darling:  Political Expert and Fellow at the Hertiage Foundation

Phyllis Schlafly: Constitutional Lawyer and Founder of the Eagle Foundation

Eduardo Soto: President of The Puerto Rico Statehood Students Association 

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