The Breivikish Effect On The Political Spectrum


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The Political Spectrum has long been accepted as Conservatism towards the Right, Moderates in the Center, and Radicals on the Far Left.

The true measure of extremism, is the uncanny ability in changing the dynamic of an entire political spectrum within the aftermath of their actions. For the case of Anders Behring Breivik, he deluded himself into planning his actions, and justified them via his own manifesto. Some of his mannerisms he contributed to The Right side of the Political Spectrum. As much as Breivik intended his antics to assist The Right, they now strengthened The Left.

The Right has long directed social commentary and criticism towards Political Correctness, Nanny-State Welfare systems, and the impact of Islamic Immigration on it’s National identity. This form of conservative social critique has been added by Pamela Geller, and politically by Geert Wilders. When Anders Behring Breivik presented his manifesto 2083 — A European Declaration of Independence, he adopted similar conservative critique into his own. However in pushing these views towards Breivik extremism, equally compounded by his own actions, The Left now establish a revised generalization towards The Right.

Based on this perception, it allows The Left to view The Right on the Political Spectrum with a blanket effect, that all conservative social critique is automatically deemed ‘Breivikish‘ and lacking validity. Once the generalization is established, the stigma is never removed.

However in reading the Breivik Manifesto, those conservative commentators quoted in the Manifesto and those on The Right would considerably have a lot of steeping off points, most especially before the conclusions supporting the use of bombing and shooting people. The same can be said for The Left’s stepping off points they would share with the Weather Underground, or The Red Army Faction.

In the aftermath of extremism, the Political Spectrum becomes a ‘Flexible Tent’, that provides both sides the opportunity to create generalizations. If that is the case here, The Left are currently serving and The Right are on the receiving end.

Craig Edwards

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