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Cruz and Lee Weather the Storm

The zealous GOP senators are undaunted by critics. By: Jonathan Strong & Katrina Trinko   It’s Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Marco Rubio against the world. Over the past few weeks, Republicans of all stripes have deemed as reckless the trio’s push to threaten not to fund the government over Obamacare. Senator Tom Coburn called […]

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Mike Lee Wins Utah Republican Convention

I just went on Mike Lee’s campaign site and he seems to be everything in a candidate that I would look for. Pro military, pro-life, pro tax and business regulation cuts and pro border law enforcement. Utah is a very red state and so it would be expected to pick someone like Mr. Lee, but […]

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Bob Bennett in 3rd after 1st round

By: David Cantonese SALT LAKE CITY — Three-term Sen. Bob Bennett was in third place after the first balloting at the state Republican convention Saturday, leaving considerable doubt about his ability to survive the day and qualify for the June ballot. Tea Party favorite Mike Lee took the first round vote with 28.7 percent, leading […]

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