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Sequester: Obama’s “Ugly” Baby

  Grover Norquist’s op-ed on President Obama’s sequestration, for the American Spectator blog.   As sequestration kicks in, ATR President Grover Norquist has an op-ed up at American Spectator discussing the only good idea President Obama has shared with Americans. He points out that the President, unfortunately, has spent a quite a bit of time […]

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Will a Desperate Obama Dump Biden and Put Hillary on the Ticket in 2012?

Bob Woodward, serving as publicist for the Democrat Party, says an Obama/Clinton ticket in 2012 is “on the table.” They will pull a switcheroo with Biden and he will become Secretary of State. As Big Joe might say: “This is a big effing deal!” ~~John Cronin~~ Recommend on Facebook Share on Linkedin Share with Stumblers […]

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