Reid: We Own Hispanics

Growing up in Australia, there was a sentiment that the children of upper class, carried an arrogant demeanor and acted like they were “Born to Rule’.

After watching Senate Majority Leader  Harry Reid deliver this statement, the Democrats have the attitude  they are “Entitled to own Minority Voters”.

Slowly there are people that wise up, in 2009 I was the location recorder for the 2009 CRA Convention where Comedian Paul Rodriguez made an appearance speaking on his move towards becoming Republican, and his strive for Water Rights in the Central California Farming district (Delta Smelt).

In recognizing the similarities of Hispanic values to that of Republicans, Rodriguez noted “You need to attract more of me, or else you’d be an endangered species. … You know, we have so much in common.  A lot of the values that this party espouses, we espouse. We believe strongly in family. We believe life is sacred“.

After you hear the audio of his speech, I confidently say, I rest my case.

Craig Edwards

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