Pawlenty Follows Bee-Line on Romneycare

FOX NEWS: Tim Pawlenty may be nice, but he's not willing to be anybody's fool. So says the former Minnesota governor and 2012 presidential candidate, who blasted claims by Fox News' Bill O'Reilly that he is too "vanilla" to be president.

It seems former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawenty has just figured out the quickest way to gain publicity.  That is by following the lead of unannounced Republican Presidential candidates like Palin, Giuliani, and McCotter when it comes to attacking Romneycare.   Appearing on Fox News SUNDAY, Pawenty played the Refudiate card at rival candidate Mitt Romney by using his own termObamneycare.

Meanwhile, the perfect rebuttal has emerged, from the 2006 Tim Pawenty praising Romney during an event hosted by the University of Minnesota, sponsored by the National Institute of Health Policy.

Audio from the event has made it’s way onto You Tube which has now become a slap down against Pawlenty,  circulating via prominent right wing blogs.

“I’m grateful for our friend from Massachusetts here. Governor Romney is an outstanding Governor”. Governor Tim Pawlenty 2006

If you’re going to single Pawlenty out for having his own flip-flop moment, then this is the one.

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2 Responses to Pawlenty Follows Bee-Line on Romneycare

  1. Crystalf says:

    Exactly … I really hope Mitt is working up a really eloquent debate slapdown for these hyenas who think that Mitt is too nice to point out their flip-flop on personal responsibility (gee .. thought that was once a conservative trait) with respect to healthcare.

  2. craig says:

    Candidates need to remember, You Tube never forgets…..

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