Mitt Romney: President Obama Out Of Touch Like Marie Antoinette


MASON CITY, Iowa — Mitt Romney on Thursday sought to portray President Barack Obama as out of touch with the struggles of everyday Americans — a charge he himself has often faced — by comparing the president to a former French queen who was overthrown during the French Revolution.

“When the president’s characterization of our economy was, ‘It could be worse,’ it reminded me of Marie Antoinette: ‘Let them eat cake,'” Romney said, referring to the infamously dismissive remark toward the poor attributed to the queen.

“This is not a time to be talking about, ‘It could be worse.’ It’s a time to recognize that things should be better,” Romney said during an interview on his campaign bus with The Huffington Post. “And the president’s policies have failed the American people, have led to 25 million people still being out of work. He didn’t cause the recession, but he has made it deeper and has made the recovery more tepid and the pain last longer.”

Obama said during a Wisconsin town hall meeting in June 2010 that “it’s hard to argue sometimes, things would have been a lot worse” without the stimulus plan he pushed through Congress. He also said that while unemployment was high, it was not as high as it could have been if he had done nothing.

The comments have become a regular talking point for Romney on the trail here in Iowa, as he seeks to keep his fire trained on the president. He has the luxury of doing so — just a few days ahead of next Tuesday’s caucuses — because the rest of the primary field is scrambled and increasingly looks unable to put forward an alternative who is capable of defeating him.

Romney said he could not predict whether unemployment will move down from its current level of 8.6 percent in the next year, ahead of the fall contest between the Republican nominee and the incumbent president.

“If I could predict what the unemployment rate was going to be a year from now, why, you know, I could demand the world,” he joked.

But he tried to undercut any argument the White House might make if the economy should improve even slightly this year.

“This has been already the worst recovery since Hoover. [Obama] may say it’s getting better and try to take credit for the fact that the economy recovered. But the economy will always recover,” Romney said. “We’ve never gone into permanent recession or depression. The economy will come back after recession. The question is, did he help it or hurt it? Did he prolong the pain or reduce the pain? The truth is he made things harder to recover, he made more people suffer longer.”


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