Left Strike Back on Jared Lee Loughner – A Registered Republican!


Since posting this image, Twitter has been a buzz over Jared Lee Loughner being a registered Republican, and linking to this post on our blog.

Over at Democratic Underground, a user by the name Barack_America points out that using the Arizona SoS website requires either a Drivers Licence, Date of Birth, or Voter ID number to obtain party affiliation.

According to the Arizona Daily Star: Loughner registered to vote for the first time in 2006, said Chris Roads, Pima County’s registrar of voters. He registered as an independent and last voted in the 2008 general election.

Spelling Errors

This was original image found by Solid Principles on a Tumblr page where Tucson is spelled Tuscon

2nd image is now being circulated with the correct spelling of Tucson attributed to 4chan

This is looking more and more like a hoax folks.

Craig Edwards


1-9-2011 @ 19:18 WST

This was exactly the left needed to prove their Tea Party allegations and to deflect some heat from any association with Jared Lee Loughner – their Smoking gun? Loughner was a registered Republican in Pima County.  Let the Tea Party comparisons continue, ad nauseam.

UPDATE Jan 9, 2011 – 23:15 WST: Since this was posted some debate has emerged how legitimate this claim is – over at democraticunderground.com one user links up this article and mentions Solid Principles “got the image from the ‘left’, but don’t elaborate where they got it.”.  The answer is we obtained from tumblr account via a post on Twitter – we added the above commentary and that’s all we did.

This same user at democraticunderground.com adds:  “I went to the Arizona Secretary of State site and tried to perform the search myself. Turns out you need to know BOTH Loughner’s birthdate AND either his voter registration ID or driver’s license number to get the information. Considering I don’t know how anyone would have gotten this, I find this entire claim to be suspect”.

Thank you user Barack_America at democraticunderground.com, and to answer your question “Why would a conservative website be promoting this?” – we find it important to follow a story, and posting this element is all part of following the story.  I too share your skepticism over it’s origins.

Craig Edwards

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38 Responses to Left Strike Back on Jared Lee Loughner – A Registered Republican!

  1. Jackson Plant says:

    Im sure the family of the 9 year old feels better at you causing all the hard feelings. All his friends said he is left wing liberal and you believe just because he registered he is republican. Grow up. This is the type stuff that causes all the bad feelings.

  2. craig says:

    I think you might be missing the point or have misunderstood the theme of this blog. The left have taken a square peg and tried to fit it into a round hole with this Arizona shooting. They are trying to use this snippet as the smoking gun to prove their Jared Lee Loughner has tea party connections. Jared Lee Loughner is as far removed from the Tea Party, but it won’t stop those that will use this as flimsy evidence to support their flawed argument.

  3. James says:

    Do you have any proof that this isn’t photoshopped? I went to look it up for myself and the Arizona SoS requires you to put down a person’s voter ID or driver’s license number to get the information-something your average Joe isn’t going to have access to.

  4. Beefeater says:

    Hey MORON, better check that website you’re touting. You can only get your OWN info. It’s fake and you’ve been had.

  5. craig says:

    I think you need to look at the theme of our blog a little more before you start using the term Moron. Have a read over our article Dilettantes Run Rampant Over Shooting before you stuck your foot in your own mouth chump.

  6. Beefeater says:

    OOPS! Sorry about that, jumped the gun.

    It’s all over twitter now and DU has just picked it up.

  7. craig says:

    Yes I noticed that DU have done that – apology accepted Beefeater

  8. jummy says:

    i’m pretty sure it’s a fake too, having tried to replicate the search myself. hopefully this creates enough buzz that someone with access vets it.

  9. Buzz says:

    Click to add this author to your Ignore list Mon Jan-10-11 01:44 AM
    Response to Original message
    6. Pima County’s registrar of voters says independent

    Edited on Mon Jan-10-11 01:45 AM by somone

    Loughner registered to vote for the first time in 2006, said Chris Roads, Pima County’s registrar of voters. He registered as an independent and last voted in the 2008 general election.

    IN SHORT : THE ABOVE IMAGE IS FAKE – so better luck with an attempted set up next time

  10. jummy says:

    wasn’t there a fake facebook page too?

  11. Harold says:

    Here’s a full-size high-res image of Jared Lee Loughner’s voter registration… http://img171.imageshack.us/f/jllrsc.jpg/

  12. rollinfree says:

    I am sure this card is real as it’s normal to spell Tuscon, instead of Tucson and that is something that the State would actually do. /end sarcasm

    Really bad photoshop that will make it to failblog.

  13. Cindy says:

    The desperate losers that made this couldn’t even spell Tucson.

  14. Dialla says:

    Can’t spell the city, ah?

  15. James says:

    In the image linked here, they’ve misspelled Tucson ( twice ), but in the image linked on imageshack it has been corrected. Nice -.-

  16. Steve says:

    The man was a lone left wing nut who blew a gasket and now the left wants to paint the right for ther own going wack-o.

  17. drjohn says:

    Loughner registered to vote for the first time in 2006, said Chris Roads, Pima County’s registrar of voters. He registered as an independent and last voted in the 2008 general election.


    Carry on, fools!

  18. José Alvarez says:

    Just a quick note of reason. First, wouldn’t a left wing nut most likely target a right wing politician? And second, most liberals and leftists I know, especially the ‘far left wing nuts’ are not anarchists. They are pro-government, and are in no way ‘gold bugs’ and ‘currency fanatics’, unlike libertarians, anarchists, and yes, Tea Partiers.

  19. EB says:

    The shooter is known to have anti-Government and anti-Immigration views, which he had haphazardly expressed on Youtube and on conspiracy blogs.

    But more than anything he was a nut. That’s it

  20. Chantal says:

    I’m certain liberals don’t target democratic representatives. Has Beck uninformed us so much? Do we’d actually believe democratic presidents are now both socialist and fascist?

  21. Jesse says:

    Anti-Government views, dislikes the fact that we’ve not returned to the Gold Standard, severely dislikes “illiterates” whom don’t understand nor speak the English language, rails about how College professors and Colleges are unconstitutional and that his first amendment rights were being taken away. Has possible links to a White Nationalistic movement, and so on and so on.

    Yeah, this guy sounds like a Liberal *rolls eyes*

  22. Mary says:

    Jose, Chantal and Jesse are the only ones up here who make sense.

  23. david says:

    I just accessed my voter record and it is completely different from the one they are showing. Information is missing and the format is different too. Photoshopped and a bad job to boot.

  24. JannyMae says:

    david — “I just accessed my voter record and it is completely different from the one they are showing. Information is missing and the format is different too. Photoshopped and a bad job to boot.”

    Ditto, here. The graphic that comes up with a legitimate search is nothing like this. My address isn’t on it, and it lists my voting record at the bottom.

  25. Remembering When says:

    Yes, it probably is a poorly photoshopped fake.

    But look at all the time, expense, vitriol, and continuing clammer based on a certain “Birth Certificate” offered by the conservatives who attempted to claim the current POTUS was not a U.S. citizen from birth. I have my Kenyan Birth Certificate that looks quite a bit like POTUS Obama’s and you can have one made up for yourself, too.

  26. Geronimo Miguel says:

    Search Your Voter Registration Information

    Search Your Polling Place

    Search Your Provisional Ballot

    here is a download from AZ sec of state website:
    Registrant Detail
    Status INACTIVE
    Indefinite Absentee? N
    No information available
    Election Voting History
    Election Date Election Name Type How Voted
    2008-11-04 2008 GENERAL GENERAL Absentee
    2006-11-07 2006 GENERAL GENERAL Polling Place

  27. Geronimo Miguel says:

    do UR own research & see how the left lies about everything:

    Jared Lee Loughner
    7741 N. Soledad Ave.
    Tucson AZ 85741-1316
    Pima County
    Senate Dist 27
    Cong Dist 8
    Date of Birth: 9-10-88

    driver’s license number: D03893676

    even the leftist Phoenix Times rag admitted that his classmates described him as a far left pothead

  28. RickD says:

    Seems weird how the comments of one classmate have become not only “his classmates” and even “all his friends”.

    The one woman who called him “liberal” also said he was “probably more libertarian”.

    Some people cannot be bothered to keep track of details.

    Sorry to ruin your wet dreams, but the guy wasn’t a liberal. And whether he smoked pot or not doesn’t reflect anything about his political leanings.

  29. ETM says:


    Yeah, this guy sounds like Conservativel *rolls eyes*.

    Some other things you can extract from his videos and friends.

    Anti Christian.
    Anti God.
    Burns American Flag.
    Free College Tuition.
    Old friends label him a leftist pothead back in 2007 who wore anti-Bush t-shirts to high school.

    In 2007 he had contact with Gabby and told friends she was stupid and unintelligent. He appears to have carried some kind of anger over the 2007 meeting since the Sheriff office reported finding a ‘thank you for attending’ the 2007 event letter from Gabby in Loughner room, after 3+ years.

    So what is he? A Paranoid Schizophrenic fits far better than Liberal or Conservative.

  30. MjM says:

    That newer faked image has been removed, per my request.


  31. Bill Alexander says:

    Nice try with the Republican affiliation claim, the Photoshop work is marginal.

    Jared Loughner’s actual voting record shows he voted in 2008 for Cynthia McKinney.

    Who is Cynthia McKinney?

    She is an ultra liberal black Democrat.

    Her profile included support for Arab causes and a suggestion that Bush knew in advance of the September 11 attacks.

    She advocated unsealing records pertaining to the CIA’s role in assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., and the murder of Tupac Shakur

    She supported anti-war legislation and introduced articles of impeachment against President Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, and Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice.

    She found herself in the national spotlight again over the March 29, 2006, Capitol Hill police incident, where she pushed a rookie Capitol Hill Police officer for stopping her to ask for identification.

    McKinney claimed the events as an example of racial profiling by police officers, but found virtually no support from either her own party or civil rights leaders.

  32. Bill Alexander says:

    The misspelled “Tucson” was a nice touch. I’m sure most people who have lived in one city for 22 years commonly make that mistake. The guy isn’t retarded, just an insane leftist.

  33. sysab says:

    Chantal says:
    January 10, 2011 at 10:16 am
    I’m certain liberals don’t target democratic representatives. Has Beck uninformed us so much? Do we’d actually believe democratic presidents are now both socialist and fascist?

    He posted on Dailykos he was mad at Gifford for voting against Pelosi as speaker of the house after all the support he had given her. Liberals target with death threats innocent people like Palin …see her twitter page if you doubt me.. and Bristol. All Bristol did was go on DWTS and be Palin’s daughter and was winning, what ensued, death threats, smears, hate messages… Now what conservative does that? NONE. Not even Palin. This Loughner guy, with his insane rantings on twitter definitely appears to be hate filled liberal, except he was mad at grammar and Gifford. You liberals own this guy, he appears to be just as crazy as you.

  34. Bill Alexander says:

    Bottom line is the Republican registration has been PROVEN TO BE totally fake. His ultra liberal parents led him down a road to disaster and he didn’t have a conservative bone in his body.

  35. Kevin Murchison says:

    All friends are saying hes liberal? Let’s stop the lies please. It’s helping nobody.

    There’s only one interview I’ve heard of his friend Osler insisting that Jared had no affiliation with ANY party.

    OSLER: “He did not watch TV. He disliked the news. He didn’t listen to political radio. He didn’t take sides. He wasn’t on the left; he wasn’t on the right.”

    Im know that’s not very exciting so lets just move now OK?

    OSLER: “I really think that this is Zeitgeist documentary had a profound impact upon Jared Loughner’s mind-set and how he viewed the world that he lives in.”

    Nobody’s talking about this?

  36. Dredd says:

    The donks have been desperate to disassociate themselves with this Bush-hating psycho. Just look at the babble coming from Sheriff Dupnik…

    The facts are that the perp is a typical loony left, HATER.

    And I can guarantee there are plenty more in the woodpile!

  37. Bill Alexander says:

    Here’s what we know so far:

    Among his favorite reading material is the Communist Manifesto (a leftist’s novel)

    He hated the fact that Giffords, a former Republican and conservative Democrat recently voted AGAINST Nancy Pelosi.

    We also know he wasn’t racially motivated because all of his victims were white. (So much for the right wing neo-Nazi theory.) By the way, Nazis were socialists and leftists.

    He had fantasies about being “tortured” and “oppressed” by his school. (Sounds a lot like leftist’s views on Gitmo)

    We know he did drugs and had at least on drug charge. (a favorite lefty pass time)

    We know he was mentally ill (the definition of liberal)

    And yes, all of his friends and acquaintances (including his girlfriend) have confirmed that his ideology is that of an extreme leftist.

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