It’s time to apologize to Trump over Russia

By Jay Sekulow FOXNEWS.COM

The constant drumbeat by the Left and the liberal media is really getting old. The never-ending push to link President Trump to Russia is not only absurd but even has many Democrats urging party leaders to stop talking about Russia.

Let’s not forget how this really began. Just weeks ago, fired FBI Director James Comey admitted under oath that he leaked privileged documents to a friend to give to reporters at the New York Times. Memos that he had written in the course of his official government duties about privileged conversations with the president.

The reason: Comey testified that he did so to manipulate the situation and force the appointment of a Special Counsel. And, as we know – that’s ultimately what occurred.

Since that testimony, there have been news reports indicating that President Obama actually knew about the attempts by Russian President Vladimir Putin to disrupt and discredit the U.S. presidential race through a cyber campaign.


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