Is Huckabee Becoming The Anti-Romney Godfather?

Although Mike Huckabee has declined to enter the race for the 2012 Republican Primary Nomination, he is now starting to emerge as a kind of ‘power-broker’ to some of the candidates.

The logic of Huckabee isn’t too difficult to notice, it’s clearly based on the “Any Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Friend” concept.  There are no prizes for guessing who that is aimed towards.  

During the Michigan gubernatorial election of 2010, Huckabee endorsed Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox.  Cox was one of the three front runners during the Michigan GOP Gubernatorial Primaries, and the only one that didn’t endorse Romney during his 2008 Presidential Candidacy.

Pastor Huck then went onto proclaim Cox was “pro-life, pro-gun candidate, an innovative strong leader who opposes runaway tax and spend policies.” Quite a reward for the Michigan Attorney General that acknowledged having an extramarital affair in 2005, and a much needed boost for the Cox campaign already smeared by the murky Tamara ‘Strawberry’ Greene civil case.

It was Tim Pawlenty that fired the early shots against Romney in the 2012 GOP Primaries, when he appeared on Fox News Sunday, calling Romney’s Massachusetts Health Care Plan ‘Obamanycare’. The following night during the 2011 June 13th CNN Debate in New Hampshire, Pawlenty backed off when directly asked to expand upon his comments made about Romney. Later on he sent a message on Twitter taking another shot towards Romney: “On seizing debate opportunity re: healthcare: Me 0, Mitt 1. On doing healthcare reform the right way as governor: Me 1, Mitt 0”.

It didn’t matter that these ill-conceived antics failed for Pawlenty, they served as the perfect qualifications to be helped by a ‘Huck Family’ connection.  In this case Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who also managed her father’s Iowa winning campaign from 2008. Sanders has since become Pawlenty’s senior political adviser, now looking to beef up Pawlenty’s upcoming Ames Straw Poll and his lagging Iowa Poll numbers.

Then there is Rep. Thaddeus McCotter, the new Anti-Romney prodigy. After coming out with a few digs aimed at Romney, he maintained his attacks were not from a potential or current politician, rather just from a regular resident of the United States. McCotter was soon rewarded for the effort with a guitar jam on the Godfather’s Fox TV show.

Like I said, Huckabee is playing the “Any Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Friend” move, and Iowa defeat for Romney is Godfather Huck’s reward. It would be beneficial right now to point out the disadvantages of vote splitting. The more candidates fielded of one political caliber, the more chance it splits the votes. Taking that into account, Godfather Huck’s antics might actually be handing Romney Iowa based on his inadvertent vote splitting.

Craig Edwards

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One Response to Is Huckabee Becoming The Anti-Romney Godfather?

  1. Crystalf says:

    I believe Huck’s strategy is strengthen as many candidates as possible in Iowa. He doesn’t want Mitt to get a silver in Iowa .. or even a bronze. He wants him humiliated in Iowa with several candidates beating him; Huckles figures that will damage him for NH and beyond. Huckleberry is still living in 2007; things are different, but hopefully different .. enough.

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