GOP’s ‘Blame Romney’ Faction Needs To Take A Hard Look In The Mirror

By: Douglas Mackinnon

It is all at once funny, pathetic and quite dangerous to watch the Republican establishment and leadership run around pointing fingers of blame at Mitt Romney and his team for his loss when they themselves cheer-leaded and ensured his selection.

If anyone wants to understand why conservatives, libertarians and members of the Tea Party are so disconsolate and feel so lost in a nation moving further and further from their values, they need only look at the growing list of Republican “leaders” who lack principles and the will to fight for traditional values.

Leaving aside the pros and cons of the Romney campaign, Romney lost for three critical reasons. All of which should have been vigorously confronted by Romney and the Republican establishment.

First and foremost, Romney lost because the mainstream media brazenly went all in for Obama. And guess what? They no longer care who knows it because they feel the Republicans and the American people are powerless to stop them. Sadly, they are correct.

Over the last three decades or more, Republicans and conservatives have ceded all of the nation’s megaphones to far-left zealots. Be they in the “media,” in every level of “education,” or in “entertainment,” liberal thought now controls and directs the conversation of America and those in charge are all too willing to smear or intimidate anyone into either thinking their way, or worse, looking the other way so as not to fall under their malevolent gaze and totalitarian methods.

Next, we have tens of millions of Americans who in fact, do want something for nothing. It has been reported that upward of 100 million Americans receive full or partial benefits from the nanny state. As one who grew up in abject poverty and was homeless at times as a child, I can assure you that a good percentage of those Americans are in desperate need of a helping hand.

That said, such government assistance should be targeted only to the truly needy and must be offered as a temporary bridge to a better and individually sustaining future.

To the Obama campaign’s credit and to our nation’s shame, Obama and his supporters realized that over the last few decades the Democrats — with a number of assists from the Republicans — have created an entitlement society that would eagerly vote for those who promise continued goodies. No matter how unsustainable the supply.

Republicans should and must fight for every single vote from every single demographic group. But to do so, they must first understand all of those groups, what now drives their voting patterns, and how they can better and realistically address their needs based on principle instead of payoffs.

Last, we have the Republican establishment and Republican leadership.

For years, I and a number of conservatives who at least have a working knowledge of the media and the power of words have been begging the Republican leadership and presidential candidates to forcefully and continually call out the media for the far-left propaganda machine it has become.

Time and again behind closed doors, I and others pleading for this direct confrontation have been told by the GOP leadership that “We can’t do that. If we do, the media will come after us even harder.” Really? How much worse do you need it before you decide to grow a spine and fight for what’s right?

For years now, the Republican establishment has decided that it’s much better to get along, blur the lines and morph when needed into liberal parrots. Well, congratulations on your strategy. While you may have succeeded in filling up more of your bank accounts, you have abandoned your principles and the needs of tens of millions of your fellow Americans in the process.

You want to know who’s to blame for Romney’s loss? Look in the mirror, stop pointing fingers, and then get out of the way. You have failed your party, failed the nation and caused irreparable harm.

• MacKinnon is a former White House and Pentagon official and author of the memoir “Rolling Pennies in the Dark.” (Simon & Schuster, 2012)
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