Election Day Impressions


I got to my polling station at 6 AM to work for the Ann Wagner Campaign for the 2nd Congressional District in Missouri and the line of voters was already out the door of the Kirkwood Baptist Church, stretching out alongside the sanctuary, extending to the end of the parking lot.

The voters kept streaming in for the next two hours. There was a brief slow down around 8:30 AM and then the foot traffic surged at 9 AM, making this polling station even busier than it was earlier in the day. It is so gratifying to see American Democracy in action. Woo Hoo!!

I am now on my way to Kirkwood High School to pull a shift there from, Noon to 2 PM. I did get a 3 hour break between shifts where I did the usual political junkie thing, watched the Election coverage on FOX NEWS while I brewed a small pot of fresh coffee, ate some early lunch, got a nap and now it’s on to the High School.

I’ll update this post this afternoon after I complete my stint at KHS and then get ready to watch the National Returns this evening. I am nervous about the outcome, but I think we will win this election.

~~John Cronin~~

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