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God forbid the further Oprah-izing of America

By Lloyd Marcus         The American Thinker The American left’s Oprah-mania about her running for president in 2020 is truly absurd. What on Earth qualifies Oprah to run our country? I do not consider myself White House material. But if Oprah qualifies, I am a far superior candidate. Years ago, when Oprah became […]

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Do we have a Justice Department or not?

    By: Jay Marsolo THE AMERICAN THINKER During the past few weeks, we have confirmed what we suspected. The Comey investigation of the Hillary email “matter” was a sham. We knew that Comey did not call for a grand jury, did not issue subpoenas, and granted immunity to most of Hillary’s pals. Loretta Lynch […]

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Comey Fired — Now Indict Hillary

  By Daniel John Sobieski Former FBI Director Comey and acting attorney general Yates were fired for essentially the same reason, namely, usurping authority they did not have. Comey assumed the judgment, authority, and prerogatives of the attorney general to address Hillary Clinton’s crimes last July, only to exonerate her. Even if he had recommended […]

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Hillary at Bay

By James Lewis The sicker Hillary Clinton looks on the campaign trail, the more the Media Left tells us to deny the evidence of our eyes. Mrs. Clinton has suffered two strokes near, if not inside, her brain; but strokes are seldom localized affairs, and behind the scenes her doctors must be telling her to […]

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Bernie Sanders and the Art of the Sell-Out

    By Thomas Lifson Bernie Sanders made his deal with the Clinton Machine, but can he force his followers to accept it? I am skeptical, but then again, the Democrats have the full support of the media in generating whatever narratives they wish. All of those naïve kids who believed that the system is […]

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Democratic Platform: Killing the Unborn is Fine with Us

By: Ken Blackwell The Democratic Party is about to approve the most radically pro-abortion platform in its history. It’s a Hillary platform, a Hillary party, and a Hillary convention. Tragically, making it easier to kill unborn children has been a Hillary Clinton priority throughout her long career. In 1992, she and Bill Clinton told Americans […]

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Is It Worth Reading a Newspaper Anymore?

By Thomas Lipscomb Almost exactly a century ago at the great naval battle at Jutland, David Beatty said “There seems to be something wrong with our bloody ships today” after two of his battleships exploded under German gunnery and incompetent seamanship by his sailors. Well, there seems to be something wrong with our bloody newspapers […]

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Hillary campaign fundraising email reveals signs of panic

By Thomas Lifson   In the massive Brooklyn Headquarters of the Hillary campaign, they know something is happening, but they don’t know what it is (to paraphrase Bob Dylan’s taunting lyric). A fundraising email sent out by campaign manager Robbie Mook is startlingly honest in admitting they have a problem. Ben Wolfgang of the Washington […]

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James Comey: Enforcing the Law Requires Indicting Hillary Clinton

By Scott S. Powell When James Comey was appointed FBI Director by President Obama, he became the “hands on” chief law enforcement officer of the U.S. As he laid his hand on the Bible and recited his oath of office on September 4, 2013, swearing to “faithfully discharge the duties of the office… without any […]

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‘Refugees’ buying one-way tickets home from Germany

By Thomas Lifson AMERICAN THINKER   On second thought, after experiencing life in Deutschland, significant numbers of Arab “refugees” are buying one-way airline tickets home, according to the Los Angeles Times. Erik Kirschbaum writes: With a one-way ticket home to Iraq in his hands and seven months’ worth of frustration over intransigent German bureaucracy in […]

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