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Trump and Cruz in Virtual Dead Heat with 60% of Precincts Reporting

Listening to the live stream on my computer and watching the results on Fox News Website it looks like Cruz may just edge Trump out in the First in the Nation Iowa Caucuses!  of course, this could all change in the next 3o minutes!   ~~John Cronin~~ Recommend on Facebook Share on Linkedin Share with […]

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Latest Iowa Polls: Real Clear Politics

  Latest Polls Sunday, January 31 President Obama Job Approval Gallup Approve 49, Disapprove 48 Approve +1   Saturday, January 30 Iowa Republican Presidential Caucus DM Register/Bloomberg Trump 28, Cruz 23, Rubio 15, Carson 10, Bush 2, Paul 5, Kasich 2, Huckabee 2, Christie 3, Fiorina 2, Santorum 2 Trump +5 Iowa Democratic Presidential Caucus […]

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Thirty days to Iowa: Candidates make final sprint

By: Jonathan Easley Presidential candidates are in an all-out sprint in Iowa with the caucuses only 30 days away. Campaigns are sharpening their attacks, doubling down on time and resources spent in the state, and placing their final bets on the ad buys and infrastructure they hope will bolster their get-out-the-vote efforts. On the Democratic […]

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The Biggest Winners and Losers of 2014

Jonathan S. Tobin The 2014 midterms turned out to be the wave election that Republicans dreamed of and Democrats dreaded. But amid the debris of what turned out to be a stunning repudiation of the administration, there are some people who must be judged to be the big winners and losers on both sides. Here’s […]

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Is Ted Cruz the 2016 GOP frontrunner? In Iowa, maybe

  By:  Byron York There are no polls showing Ted Cruz leading the 2016 Republican presidential field in the Iowa. A PPP survey last month found Cruz in sixth place in the state, behind Rand Paul, Chris Christie, Paul Ryan, Jeb Bush, and Marco Rubio. But after a particularly well-received appearance at a conservative event […]

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Some see GOP voting tsunami coming

  By: Paul Bedard Democrats more than Republicans are getting their most loyal supporters to vote early, but with polls showing a close race among those who have voted so far, concerns are being raised about a GOP tsunami on the actual Election Day, next Tuesday. According to a GOP analysis of early voting and […]

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Iowa Caucus: Iowa GOP: Perry 29%, Bachmann 18%, Romney 17%, Paul 14%

Confirming a surge seen in polling across the nation, Texas Governor Rick Perry has moved into first place among Republican voters in Iowa, host state to the first-in-the-nation caucus early next year. A Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of those likely to participate in the Iowa GOP Caucus shows that Perry is the first choice for […]

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The GOP Has Momentum

EXCERPT ONLY: Ames, Iowa — This has been quite a week or ten days for Republicans. Pundits will parse the Iowa results and the Perry polling to determine which candidate is up and which down or out. The Iowa straw poll may prove to be the last stop for some Republican candidates, as it was […]

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GOP Candidates Look to Debate for Campaign Boost

EXTRACT ONLY:  DES MOINES, Iowa – Seven Republican presidential contenders will try to use Thursday’s debate, sponsored by Fox News and the Washington Examiner, in the leadoff caucus state of Iowa to cast themselves as the strongest alternative to one rival: front-runner Mitt Romney. A Fox News Poll released Wednesday showed that the former Massachusetts […]

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For Pawlenty, It’s Ames or Bust

EXTRACT ONLY: He’s spent a seven-figure sum and the bulk of his time on the campaign trail courting the Iowa grassroots. Operatives call his expansive Iowa organization the best in the state. As the only mainstream Republican candidate actively competing in the Ames straw poll—thanks to Mitt Romney’s decision to skip the event and Rick […]

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