A Tea Party Greets Obama In San Francisco

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Hat Tip to “John” from “The City Square Blogspot” and “Lucianne.com” for their hard work in bringing this great coverage of Obama’s San Francisco trip and the protest outside the hotel where he stayed.

Below is a blog from a website that features great pictorial coverage of Obama’s fundraising trip to San Francisco Thursday. The pictures will show the dreaded right wing cabal of Tea Partiers, Truthers, 9/12ers and other groups opposed to the Ditherer-in-chief.

This disastrous administration had better get used to these protests. Unless, by some miracle of miracles, they actually start to govern this country in a way that prevents an eventual collapse of our freedoms and/or our economy, these protests will dog Obama until the day he is impeached or the day his term ends, whichever comes first.

~~John Cronin~~

The City Square Blogspot

Even in San Francisco, Pres. Obama cannot escape protesters. He held a fundraiser at the St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco tonight (Thursday) and a crowd turned out across the street on Union Square to let him know what they thought:

The crowd was not just Tea Partiers. There were also single-payer enthusiasts, 9-11 truthers, and US-out-of-Aghanistan’ers as well. Here is a shot of the central section which, as you can tell from the signs, was largely Tea Partiers:

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