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John Bruner’s Running for the U.S. Senate, with a sense of humor,too!

[Editor’s Commentary….I opened this email today from the John Bruner campaign and I liked the tongue-in-cheek approach they used to point out how ironic it would be for Democrats like Claire McCaskill to actually tell the voters the truth about what they have done, rather than the outrageous “spin” they use to cover their real […]

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The ‘gotcha’ campaign

By REID J. EPSTEIN and ZACHARY ABRAHAMSON MILFORD, Mich. — Caught in a make-or-break moment, Mitt Romney went to the videotape. To hear him tell it, the GOP front-runner clicked on a classic piece of opposition research for a peek. The six-day-old Fox News clip summed up the day’s attacks on Rick Santorum. “Senator, I […]

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Moody’s puts big banks on review for downgrade

      114 financial institutions in 16 European countries on review as well Michael Kitchen and Barbara Kollmeyer, MarketWatch MADRID (MarketWatch) — Moody’s Investors Service triggered fresh worries for investors after placing 17 major global financial firms review for potential downgrades due to the euro-zone crisis and other issues, as well as putting more […]

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Chris Christie vetoes gay marriage bill

By TIM MAK and MACKENZIE WEINGER Just hours after the measure landed on his desk, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on Friday vetoed a bill legalizing gay marriage. Christie, a Republican, wrote in his veto message that he favors a statewide voter referendum on the issue. “Today, I am adhering to what I’ve said since […]

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Gingrich slams rivals for backing out of Georgia debate

PEACHTREE CITY, Ga. – Newt Gingrich slammed his Republican rivals Friday for refusing to appear in a nationally televised debate from his home state of Georgia, a state the former House speaker has made central to his strategy of getting his struggling presidential bid back on track. Gingrich made his remarks at a rally in […]

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Mitt Romney rallies in Maine

By TIM MAK | 2/10/12 8:32 PM EST PORTLAND, Maine — Mitt Romney on Friday held his first town hall meeting in nearly a month, slamming President Barack Obama’s decision to alter his policy requiring certain religious groups from distributing contraception to their employees as part of their health benefits. “Today, [Obama] did the classic […]

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Catholic Bishops: Obama’s Solution ‘Is Unacceptable’

By Terence P. Jeffrey ( – The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops issued a statement late on Friday declaring that the small alteration President Barack Obama had announced earlier in the day to a regulation that would force all health-care plans in the United States to cover sterilizations and all FDA-approved contraceptives–including those that cause […]

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“A Battle the President Can’t Win “

Writing in this weekend’s Wall Street journal, former Reagan speech writer and current opinion columnist , Peggy Noonan, drops a rhetorical bombshell when she says that the Dept. of Health and Human Service’s Sec’y Kathleen Sibilius’ administrative ruling that Catholic Hospitals and other institutions must offer health care plans that offer abortion and contraceptive products […]

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Solid Principles Podcast – Episode 45 (Luis Fortuño)

 Solid Principles Podcast: Episode 45 2/3/2012 Fortuño Who?: When Puerto Rican Governor Luis Fortuño issued his endorsement to Mitt Romney, it also increased speculation of Fortuño becoming a prospective VP candidate in the 2012 Republican Presidential Race. On this edition of Solid Principles we present an unabridged interview with Fortuno from 2010, on the topic […]

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