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11 Reasons to Vote for Democrats in November

Kudos to Duane Lester at ALLAMERICANBLOGGER.COM for putting together a hard hitting, satirical YouTube video show casing the Dems at their zany best. All you need to do with these folks is give them an open mike and let them make the case for an overwhelming Conservative victory this Fall. ~~John Cronin~~ Recommend on Facebook Share […]

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O’Connor: Is Arizona’s immigration policy our new ‘Civil War?’

Thomas Jefferson called slavery, “a fire bell in the night.” He saw it as one of the seminal causes of the U.S. Civil War, just a few decades away. In order to form any union, let alone a perfect union, the Founding Fathers finessed the issue of slavery when writing the U.S. Constitution, just as […]

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Is Obama Un-Impeachable?

Remember the game KerPlunk? Removing one straw sent the marbles sinking to the bottom and it was game over.   Much like Ker-Plunk, it just takes just one item to impeach a President, such as knowing about a cover-up or lying under oath.  In Obama’s case, he has several items which would certainly be capable […]

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Democrats seek ‘Macaca’ moments

The Democratic National Committee is seeking “Macaca” moments. The party today is opening a website,, designed to recruit and display embarrassing audio and video of Republican candidates, as well as information about their schedules and copies of their mailers. Campaigns have long made videotapes of each other, using “trackers” who follow the opposition from […]

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Living in Fear

Iris Twito, the mother of two sons injured by Qassam rockets in the city of Sderot, decided to grant an exclusive interview with Sderot Media Center, following the Gaza aid flotilla fiasco. “The entire world hates us,” said Iris, “but they don’t know what we’ve been through.” The Twito family is a living testament for […]

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Gun Prohibition, R.I.P.

The Supreme Court’s rejection of Chicago’s handgun ban in McDonald v. City of Chicago is more than a recognition that the Second Amendment applies to the states as well as the federal government. The McDonald decision is a harbinger for the end of gun prohibition as an idea. The simple, undeniable truth is that gun […]

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Brown outpolls Kerry, Obama

By Matt Viser and Frank Phillips Most popular official in survey; For incumbents, message is mixed US Senator Scott Brown, who only months ago was a little-known figure even within the tiny band of Republicans in the state Senate, not only catapulted to national stature with his upset US Senate victory, but is today the […]

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The Rules Of Unengagement

What do Gen. McChrystal and British Petroleum have in common? Aside from the fact that they’re both Democratic Party supporters. Or they were. Stanley McChrystal is a liberal who voted for Obama and banned Fox News from his HQ TV. Which may at least partly explain how he became the first U.S. general to be […]

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Only Public Shaming Can Stop Amnesty Through Executive Actions That By-Passes Congress

  Below is the text of an email that I received from the illegal immigration watchdog organization, NUMBERSUSA.  I have been hearing rumors of another attempt by the lame-duck Obama to cram through an Amnesty against the wishes of the voters and this serves as a confirmation of those rumors. Obama is the STRANGEST man […]

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Iran cancels plan to send ship to Gaza

[Editor’s Commentary:  I said in a recent post that if I were the Prime Minister of Israel that the next ship that tried to be a Gaza blockade-buster would get a torpedo right below the waterline.  I have no idea what went on in diplomatic back channels this past week, but somebody must have delivered […]

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