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RNC Cancels Young Eagles Events

In the wake of a scandal around the Republican National Committee’s sponsorship of an event at a racy Los Angeles club, the committee is putting parts of its Young Eagles program for younger donors on hold. With traditional major donors shying away from Chairman Michael Steele, the younger donors, many from the finance industry, had […]

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Cash for Flunkers Fails

City Will Stop Paying the Poor for Good Behavior An unusual and much-heralded program that gave poor families cash to encourage good behavior and self-sufficiency has so far had only modest effects on their lives and economic situation, according to an analysis the Bloomberg administration released on Tuesday. The three-year-old pilot project, the first of […]

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President Obama to modify drilling ban

Politico writes this morning that President Obama is now in agreement with the long-held (founded in June 2009)   editorial position of Solid Principles that this country desperately needs to drill for off-shore oil right here in the good ole USA. As with All Things Obama the fine print in his proposals needs to be […]

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The Plot Thickens

Details start to come out of the now infamous late night, West Hollywood RNC boondoogle. The Huffington Post gleefully reports that an RNC staffer’s credit card was declined at the location of this wholesome cultural event, causing Erik Brown to reluctantly have the charges debited to his card. Nice. Tailor made for yet another tawdry […]

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Political Cartoons

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Volvo: The New Chinese Car

Swedish high end auto icon Volvo now has a new owner, Geely of China.  After skimping on the Auto-Maker bail-out offered by the U.S Government, Ford had to find other forms of revenues and sell off their hemorrhaging brands to new owners, like Geely.  After paying $1.8 B, Geely then announced plans to pump a […]

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Game On: Spratt vs. Mulvaney

Spratt & Mulvaney: 5th Congressional District of South Carolina Candiates According to Politico, Rep. John Spratt (the current incumbent for the 5th Congressional District of South Carolina), has filed paperwork for his effort at gaining a 15th term.  His Republican challenger, is current South Carolina State Senator Mick Mulvaney.  From an observers point of view, this […]

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The DeVore Erik ‘Strip Joint’ Brown Burn Notice

Hat Tip to Political Animal DeVore’s statement from spokesman Joshua Trevino: This is a quick note to let you know that DeVore for California has severed all ties with Erik Brown’s Dynamic Marketing, Inc (DMI). This is relevant news in light of recent revelations in the media. The history of the campaign’s engagement with DMI is […]

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RNC fires staffer behind controversy

Congratulations to the ex-RNC staffer who got canned for thinking that a late night junket to a West Hollywood strip joint was a legitimate business expense and would not become a media firestorm. Not exactly a rocket scientist, are we? We should all follow our mother’s advice from when we were in grade school:  “Drink […]

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The Tax Police and the Health-Care Mandate

Americans of modest means may soon get a lesson in the power of the IRS. Is there an IRS agent in your future? Shortly before Barack Obama signed the health-care bill, Republicans on the House Ways and Means Committee created a stir with a report suggesting our new law will lead the Internal Revenue Service […]

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