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Solid Principles Interview with Jackie Mason (You Tube)

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SOLID PRINCIPLES PODCAST: Episode 23 The Jackie Mason Interview: There is not much more you can say about Jackie Mason, that hasn’t already been said before. What continues to shine through, is Jackie’s sheer bravery. While others are gaged by political correctness, Mason continually speaks with courage what is accurately on everyone’s heart and mind. […]

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Debra Medina, new star of America’s right, is firing up the race for Texas governor

Debra Medina of the Tea Party movement is making a Sarah Palin-like impact with policies stressing property rights and gun ownership By: Paul Harris Lytle is a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it kind of town, one of hundreds that dot the vast flat ranchlands of southern Texas. A smear of houses by the main highway between San Antonio and […]

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Death Rattle With Suits

When I first started thinking of what graphic I would use in this post from my Word files, it only took a couple of seconds to eliminate my “Night of the Living Dead” graphic from consideration and to reuse the “RIP gravestone” instead. It is becoming clearer that the Left believes Obamacare is dead and […]

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At Missouri GOP Lincoln Day, Minnesota’s Pawlenty backs Blunt’s Senate campaign

By: David A. Lieb ST. CHARLES, Mo. Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty decried “ridiculous, irresponsible” spending in the nation’s Democratic-led Capitol as he rallied with fellow Republicans in the traditional swing state of Missouri. Pawlenty was the keynote speaker Friday night for the Missouri Republican Party’s annual Lincoln Days conference, one of several similar events the […]

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When Responsibility Doesn’t Pay

Welfare always breeds contempt. By: Mark Steyn While Barack Obama was making his latest pitch for a brand-new, even-more-unsustainable entitlement at the health-care “summit,” thousands of Greeks took to the streets to riot. An enterprising cable network might have shown the two scenes on a continuous split-screen — because they’re part of the same story. […]

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Coast Guard Asks Ships to leave Hawaiian Ports

PHOTO CREDIT: FOXNEWS FOXNEWS.COM Ships trying to enter the port of Honolulu have been told to turn around, and any vessels now in the port are advised to leave ahead of a potential tsunami aimed at Hawaii, Chief Petty Officer Chad Saylor, a Coast Guard spokesman, told They are clearing out the port so […]

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S.773 Re-Enters The Press

There was nothing that upset me more then after I had completed Solid Principles’ most ambitious project, that being Podcast  The Slow Road to Cyber Security.   When S.773 first hit Drudge, it was viewed as Obama wanting to shut down the Internet.  Rush & Beck (who use Drudge as show prep) used it as a “See, look […]

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Does Pushing Obamacare Lower Obama’s Approval?

Solid Principles is starting to think so, the more Obama pushes the Obamacare like shotgun wedding to the alter of the Senate.  And with the ‘one track mind’ of policy that is Obama, Health Care reform will be Obama’s ‘death knell’ approval slide, (all the way to the bottom it seems).  We’re not making this up […]

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Attactivism Watch: vs. Glenn Beck

About Facebook Ads: Clicking on this Ad means would have to pay Facebook for each referral/click.  It would be a pity to keep clicking it unnecessarily, don’t you think? View Site Here Attactivism Group: Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee • 430 S Capitol Street, S.E. Washington, D.C. 20003 • (202) 863-1500 Recommend on Facebook Share […]

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