Florida Debate Audience Breaks Into Laughter After Candidate Calls Hillary Clinton ‘Honest’

by:  Alex Griswold    Mediaite

During a Florida congressional debate, the audience began to jeer and guffaw after one of candidates said he was voting for Hillary Clinton because of her honesty.

Republican Florida Congressman David Jolly is locked into a heated race with former Republican-turned-independent-turned-Democratic governor Charlie Christ in Florida’s 13th district. Monday night, the two candidates debated for the first time at St. Petersburg College.

“I am proud of Hillary Clinton. I think she’s been a very good Secretary of State, a very good senator from the state of New York,” Crist said when asked if he would vote for his party’s candidate. “The thing I like most about her is she is steady. I believe she is strong. I believe she is honest.” It was the last remark that caused a sudden swell of laughter.

Crist has an interesting history of debate antics, twice almost causing his debates to be cancelled by insisting on using a small portable fan, even when its use was against the rules.

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Don’t look now: Donald Trump has all the momentum in the 2016 race


By Chris Cillizza


Something very interesting has happened over the past two weeks in the presidential campaign: Donald Trump has seized the momentum from Hillary Clinton and is climbing back into contention in both national and key swing state polling.

New polls released over the past 24 hours confirm this momentum. In Ohio, Trump leads Clinton by five points in a new Bloomberg Politics poll and a similar five in a CNN poll. In Florida, Trump has a three-point lead on Clinton. In Nevada, Trump has a two-point edge, according to aMonmouth University survey. And in the latest weekly tracking poll from NBC and Survey Monkey, Clinton’s national lead has shrunk to just four points. In the RealClearPolitics polling average of all national surveys,Clinton’s lead has shrunk to two points over Trump.


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Chaffetz issues subpoena to FBI: ‘You are hereby served’

Millions of Americans have been waiting a long time to hear what the courageous Jason Chaffetz just said to a member of the FBI. Hopefully (fingers crossed) this is just the beginning of a long, hard process of reigning in a runaway Federal government that treats it’s citizens as knuckle-dragging serfs.

John Cronin

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An Unplanned Absence for Hillary Clinton at an Inopportune Time

Hillary Clinton in White Plains last week with her communications director, Jennifer Palmieri, left, and her longtime aide Huma Abedin, right. CreditDoug Mills/The New York Times

Hillary Clinton in White Plains last week with her communications director, Jennifer Palmieri, left, and her longtime aide Huma Abedin, right. CreditDoug Mills/The New York Times




For much of the summer, Hillary Clinton deliberately kept a low public profile, fund-raising in private and pursuing a hands-off campaign strategy: If Donald J. Trump wanted to seize center stage by picking unpopular fights — with a Gold Star father, a federal judge, the leaders of his own party — she would not stand in his way.

Now, sidelined with pneumonia just as she hoped to reintroduce herself with a series of more personal policy speeches, Mrs. Clinton has left herself uniquely vulnerable to an unplanned absence.

Her dismal public standing on questions of candor, combined with decades of conspiracy theories about her health, had already produced an uncommon challenge for aides and supporters seeking to tamp down speculation about her physical condition.

More substantively, among Democrats worried that Mrs. Clinton has failed to make a more forceful case for her candidacy since the party’s convention, her illness has reinforced the danger of a Trump-centric strategy — leaving the Clinton side without a memorable affirmative message to hammer home, especially when its chief messenger is on the mend.

The focus on Mr. Trump has done little to remedy Mrs. Clinton’s trust deficit with voters. And despite volumes of policy proposals, even Clinton supporters often strain to identify cohesive themes, independent of Mr. Trump, in her campaign.


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Why the polls are tightening up


By: Michael Barone    Washington Examiner

Maybe Hillary Clinton isn’t going to be elected president after all. That’s a thought that’s evoking glee in some, nausea in others, terror in some and relief at the removal of an increasingly tedious figure from public view in still more.

The thought is prompted by the CNN/ORC poll showing Clinton trailing Donald Trump in a four-candidate matchup by a 45 percent to 43 percent margin. Clinton’s lead in the RealClearPolitics.com average of recent polls is down from 7.6 percent on Aug. 9 to 2.4 percent today. The fivethirtyeight.com website has Trump’s chances of winning up to 33 percent.

The CNN/ORC poll has been criticized for having more self-identified Republicans than Democrats. Since random sample polling was invented in 1935, there hasn’t been a presidential election in which self-identified Republicans outnumbered self-identified Democrats. The closest was in 2004, when the exit poll showed both parties with 37 percent.

But there may be something to learn from CNN/ORC’s decision to whittle their sample down to likely voters. The Clinton campaign’s goal has been to replicate Barack Obama’s 51 percent coalition in 2012. Assembling that coalition relied on spurring turnout among black, Hispanic and young voters.

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Political Cartoons: Gary Varvel…..FBI Notes on Hillary Clinton’s Interview


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Phyllis Stewart Schlafly, 1924-2016


Ann Coulter for Human Events


Phyllis Schlafly, the St. Louis-born American intellectual who grew from a shy and beautiful girl to become one of the most influential political activists of the 20th and 21st century, died today, Monday, September 5, 2016 according to Eagle Forum.

Schlafly has written or co-written more than 20 books, on military policy, education, legal and social issues. Her first book, “A Choice, Not an Echo,” is credited with winning Barry Goldwater the Republican nomination for president and inspiring the conservative movement that eventually led to Ronald Reagan’s presidency. Her military work was a major factor in Reagan’s’ decision to proceed with High Frontier technology.

Since 1967, Schlafly has published the Phyllis Schlafly Report and in 1972, Schlafly founded The Eagle Forum, which grew to nearly 100,000 members. Her syndicated column appeared in 100 newspapers, her radio commentaries were broadcast on more than 400 stations, and her radio talk show, “Eagle Forum Live,” was broadcast on 45 stations and the Internet. Throughout her career, Schlafly gave college speeches – including in January 2009, in her still-spry 80’s, when, at a Berkeley speech, she fell and broke a hip.

She was appointed by President Reagan to serve on the Commission on the Bicentennial of the U.S. Constitution from 1985-1991. For years, Schlafly was the National Defense Chairman of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Over the years, Schlafly testified before more than 50 congressional and state legislative committees on constitutional, national defense, and family issues. She has been a delegate at every Republican National Convention since 1956. The Ladies’ Home Journal named Schlafly one of the 100 most important women of the 20th century.

Phyllis McAlpin Stewart was born in 1924 in St. Louis to John Bruce Stewart and Odile Dodge.

She was raised Republican and Catholic – though one great grandfather was a Presbyterian. Her father lost his job as a salesman of industrial equipment during the Depression and was unable to find work again for years, during which time he invented and patented the rotary engine. Schlafly’s mother went to work as a schoolteacher and librarian, allowing Schlafly and her younger sister, Odile, to attend a Catholic girls school.

She was valedictorian of her high school class and won a full scholarship to a Catholic women’s college, but decided it was not challenging enough, so she worked her way through Washington University. With no scholarship money, Schlafly earned spare money as a model and also as a machine-gunner at a St. Louis ordnance plant — at that time the world’s largest.

She earned straight A’s from Washington University and graduated a year early, Phi Beta Kappa and Pi Sigma Alpha (the National Political Science Honor Society). Her undergraduate political science professor wrote that her “intellectual capacity is extraordinary and her analytical ability is distinctly remarkable . . . I have no hesitation whatsoever in saying that [Schlafly] is the most capable woman student we have had in this department in ten years.”

Schlafly then attended Harvard graduate school on a scholarship, earning a Masters degree in political science in seven months. She received A’s in constitutional law, international law, and public administration, and an A- in modern political theory. (And this was long before “Everyone-Gets-An-A” grade inflation.)

Though Harvard Law School did not admit women, Schlafly’s professors urged her to stay and attend law school. Alternatively, they proposed that she earn her doctorate. (Imagine the Harvard faculty meetings if she had stayed on and become a professor there!)

Her constitutional law professor at Harvard called her “brilliant” — and consider that this was back when Harvard was a serious place, so it meant something. The professor who intervened on her behalf, Benjamin Wright, was a distinguished constitutional historian — the sort of legitimate scholar who probably wouldn’t have a chance of being hired by today’s Harvard.

Schlafly said “no thanks” to Harvard Law and instead went to Washington, D.C. for a year, where she worked at the precursor institution to the American Enterprise Institute. It was the only time this monumental American political figure lived in the nation’s capitol.

After D.C, she returned to Missouri in 1949, married Republican lawyer Fred Schlafly, and raised six amazingly accomplished children in Alton, Illinois, where she lived until Fred’s death in 1994.

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Trump’s Adios to a Softer Immigration Stance

real clear politics

By Rebecca Berg

With an impromptu jaunt to Mexico on Wednesday for a high-profile meeting with the country’s president, Donald Trump’s campaign hoped he would appear freshly decisive and presidential.

And the Republican nominee delivered, appearing measured and even diplomatic during a joint press conference after the meeting.

Just a few hours later, however, speaking to a room of spirited supporters in Phoenix, Trump seemed to send a conflicting message. Faced with a final opportunity to reconfigure his immigration stance in the home stretch of the presidential election, Trump opted to stay the course with his hardline positions and fiery rhetoric.

Trump’s strategy could energize his core supporters anew, but it also risks alienating undecided voters who have remained wary of Trump’s tone and temperament in the context of the presidency.

During the past week, Trump and his aides hinted he’d adopted a softer tone and stance on immigration reform that might cater to those persuadable voters. The GOP nominee publicly entertained a path to legalization for undocumented immigrants in good standing, while pressing for a “humane” and “compassionate” solution to complex problem.

But on Wednesday, in what was billed as a “major” immigration policy address, Trump abandoned those trial balloons in favor of the approach and policy framework that became his signature during the Republican primary race. He sketched a dark composite of “violent crimes, and total chaos and lawlessness” perpetrated by illegal immigrants. Meanwhile, he once again promised a border wall that Mexico would fund, urged an expansion of and greater authority for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and said undocumented immigrants arrested for other crimes should be deported immediately.

“Anyone who has entered the United States illegally is subject to deportation,” Trump said. “That is what it means to have laws and to have a country.”

Notably, Trump also suggested a steep climb to legalized status for millions of undocumented immigrants living in the United States who have no criminal records — a question that has enveloped his campaign in recent days as he seemed to weigh a softer position.

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Hillary at Bay

Hillary Clinton looking tired leaving an event 8/29/16

Hillary Clinton looking tired leaving an event 8/29/16


By James Lewis

The sicker Hillary Clinton looks on the campaign trail, the more the Media Left tells us to deny the evidence of our eyes. Mrs. Clinton has suffered two strokes near, if not inside, her brain; but strokes are seldom localized affairs, and behind the scenes her doctors must be telling her to stop any physically demanding campaign activities.

Hillary is in effect suspending her active campaigning to do almost exclusively fundraisers.

We are seeing a woman who should be checking into Walter Reed Hospital to take full-time rest and recovery under intensive medical care, but who has to be physically propped up at some public appearances.

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Latinos Rally for Trump in ‘Operation Taco Bowl’




ANAHEIM — A group called “Latinos for Trump” held its first rally in Orange County on Sunday, named “Operation Taco Bowl” after an infamous Donald Trump tweet. Hispanics and African Americans joined other Trump supporters in voicing both their support for the Republican presidential nominee and their opposition to the Democratic Party and its nominee, Hillary Clinton.

“The Democrats think they can own and acquire Hispanics’ loyalty for generations to come,” Jorge Herrera, 31, said into a microphone at a podium in front of Anaheim City Hall, where dozens of Trump supporters had gathered for the rally. “Who do they think they are? They will never own my loyalty. They will never own Hispanics’ loyalty.”

When asked how he feels about the Democratic Party claiming the Hispanic vote, Herrera told Breitbart News:

It’s just pandering. They don’t care about us. We can see middle class income down, Hispanic wealth is down, African-American wealth is down. You look at the top Democrat cities, they’re all down. It’s all about talk, no action. The statistics prove they have done nothing for everybody.

Asked how fellow Hispanics react to his political leanings, he said:

They’re not informed. They listen to Univision. They listen to the mainstream media, which happens to be very biased. They don’t know the truth and why we’re here, what we stand for. That’s why we’re having this event today and trying to get that message out to the community.

Approximately 60 people were at the rally, which saw no counter-protests.


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