End of the Age of Obama


The end of the Age of Obama. It began with high hopes on a winter’s night in Iowa in 2008 and ended in disappointment on a crisp fall day nearly seven years later.

Sure, the president has another two years in office, but he is now the lamest of lame ducks. He is soon to face a House majority that is one of the most Republican since the 1920s, and a Senate, we hope, about to be taken over by a Republican majority. But more than this, he seems to have no friends, and few allies, on Capitol Hill.

End of the Age of Obama

One fact of politics that the president never fully grasped is that Congress, not the White House, is the center of our political system. Sure, the president lives in a fancy house, enjoys a full-time chef, and has “Hail to the Chief” played when he enters a room. But Congress is—as Stanford’s Morris Fiorina once put it—“the keystone of the Washington establishment.” The Framers gave pride of place to Congress, making it Article I of the Constitution, and were so worried about its potential power they divided it into two. Ideally, the modern president can use his prestige and acumen to lead Congress, but Obama has fallen far from that ideal. He has treated Congress in a supercilious manner, burned his bridges with Republican leaders, and alienated even Democrats.

With nobody to call on Capitol Hill, the president will have lots of free time over the next two years. He might use some of it to ponder this truth: There are no permanent majorities in American politics. For over a decade, Democrats have been salivating at the prospect of demographic changes propelling them to permanent majority status. Obama in particular has been active on this front, and has ruthlessly divided the country along race, gender, and class lines in the hope of speeding this process along. But he has overlooked two historical realities.

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Michael Ramirez: Trick or Treat at the White House


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The Democrats are Working Hard to Get Out the Vote

Get Out the Vote

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White House in Denial: President Obama Is Costing Democrats Control of the Senate


The administration insists that vulnerable Democrats should have supported him more. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

White House officials are preemptively spinning a midterm defeat, and they’re using their own fantasies to do it. They’re starting to blame candidates for not supporting President Obama enough. As a top White House official told The Washington Post’s Karen Tumulty, “He doesn’t think they have any reason to run away from him. He thinks there is a strong message there.”

This is pure delusion: Obama is the main reason Republicans are well-positioned to win control of the upper chamber next Tuesday. And Democrats’ biggest strategic mistake in this election is that most candidates didn’t run away far and fast enough. Given the president’s rock-bottom approval numbers in the many Republican-friendly Senate states that Democrats needed to win—as well as the reality of a worsening political environment for the party as early as last winter—that distance was a downright necessity. But a host of Senate candidates failed to create it, and the party is likely to pay the price in Senate seats.

Some candidates bought the White House’s view that the president’s problems were temporary, or only a problem in the most conservative of states. Others naively thought they could pivot away from the president’s problems in hope of individualizing the races and focusing on their challengers’ vulnerabilities. Several understood that moving to the center could risk alienating a base that they needed to turn out, given the party’s much-vaunted Bannock Street ground game. But as the candidates win only weak support from outside the most committed Democrats, those assumptions deserve to be reevaluated. Now, more than ever, it’s clear that individual Democrats could use some clear brand separation from President Obama.

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Political Cartoons: Clean Up on Aisle 16 by Lisa Benson


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Political Cartoons: Michael Ramirez


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Obama White House bothered, bewildered and on the ropes




By Wesley Pruden – The Washington Times –


The days dwindle down to a precious few, and the White House continues to be bewitched, bothered and bewildered. The gang that can’t shoot straight keeps banging away. A lot of feet at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. are riddled with holes.

The Republicans demonstrated remarkable discipline in this campaign, committing few mistakes and this time saying a minimum of silly and destructive things, standing aside while Barack Obama and his befuddled legion make their incompetence a centerpiece of the campaign. The Republicans have finally taken to heart the ancient wisdom that when your opponent is shooting himself, be kind, considerate and helpful. Stay out of his way.

Since this is a Republican year — nearly all the pollsters and pundits say so — this is the week Republican candidates for the U.S. Senate should begin breaking away, opening up comfortable leads with only days to go. So far that’s not happening. The weekend polls even show some of the races tightening. Uncertainty has yet to give way to resolution. The week is young.

The Ebola virus is not on anybody’s ballot, but it has cast a deep shadow over everyone’s campaign. Despite the fear and loathing, Ebola is not remotely an epidemic in America, but the government’s mishandling of the response makes everyone worry about what could happen if such an epidemic does happen here. The constant refrain that everyone should disdain politics, and let science do its work, overlooks the inconvenient fact that it’s the scientists who have bumbled and fumbled from the beginning, as if they were mere humans. It was politics — driven by outrage — that gave science the needed kick in the pants.

In a rare outburst of the nonpartisan politics that everyone is said to be itching for, two governors — one Republican, Chris Christie of New Jersey, and one Democrat, Andrew Cuomo of New York — jointly announced that “health care professionals” (the bloviator’s term for “doctors and nurses”), returning from Ebola Central in West Africa would be quarantined for 21 days. This seemed like common sense almost everywhere but in Washington, where the states are expected to follow, not lead.

Quarantines outrage the scientists and the health care professionals, particularly at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which has led the way in fumbling and bumbling. When the White House pressured the governors to rescind their quarantines, New York caved at once and New Jersey held out a few hours longer. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institutes of Health’s allergy and infectious-disease studies, complained that aggressive quarantines make doctors and nurses “very, very uncomfortable.” Kaci Hickox, the nurse who was freed from the New Jersey quarantine, complained that her isolation was “inhumane” and “we have to be very, very careful about letting politicians make health decisions.” She has hired a lawyer, naturally.

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Rush Limbaugh: Quarantine Gov. Chris Christie

Limbaugh said Christie is “responding to Obama’s demands.” | AP Photo

Limbaugh said Christie is “responding to Obama’s demands.” | AP Photo


Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh slammed New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on Monday over his Ebola response, saying it’s the Republican governor who should be quarantined for siding with President Barack Obama ahead of the elections.

“So one week before the election, once again, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has caved. We need to quarantine Chris Christie is what needs to happen here, folks. This is the second election in a row,” Limbaugh said on his radio program, according to a transcript.

“I’m not a conspiracy theorist, ” he continued, “but I really think the Republicans ought to make sure that Governor Christie gets quarantined.”

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Political Cartoons: Glenn McCoy


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Political Cartoons: Michael Ramirez


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